For those kids who have already been on a mountain camp and have experience in mountain adventures and do not mind climbing more than one peak a day and a lot of camping, IntoTheWild’s advanced scout camp will be a fantastic adventure !

During our advanced program we will have more goals, more real emotions but also more responsibilities! Safety and trail finding in the mountains, classic orienteering, organization of peak climbing with overnight camping , organizing equipment and camp, mountain climbing tactics with an outdoor bivouac, and many creative games and activities! But above all, this program will require more responsibility and discipline which is to be expected from more experienced mountaineers …

The mountains are an extremely influential place that affects us all in an incredible way. Not only do we enjoy their beauty but also they teach, restore us and give us unforgettable memories! Whoever went to a scouts camp when was a child will hardly ever forget the adventures, the strong emotions and the precious lessons learned during such an exciting event!


  • Safety and safe movement in the mountains
  • Organization and tactics of mountain trekking
  • Emergency Actions – First Aid
  • Classic Orienteering 
  • Working with Azimuth
  • Bivouac organization
  • Improvized bivouacs
  • Tactics and planning of climbs
  • Evening hikes and missions
  • Mountain Meteorology – Reading forecasts
  • Navigate in terrain
  • 3 overnights in tents
  • Overnight at a hut
  • Explore the region and mountains around the world and in Bulgaria
  • Biodiversity and Geology – general education for the world surrounding us


During the program we will visit some of the emblematic peaks and places like Smolyan lakes, Orpheus rocks, Golyam Perelik massif and the highest hut in the Rhodope Mountains – Perelik hut, Soskovcheto Reserve, Canyon of the Waterfalls, Chayrski lakes, and sights such as: Momchilova Fortress, Smolyan Planetarium, Kaleto Fortress and many others.

In addition to mountaineering training, we also include creative activities such as drawing, creating various items of hand-made materials, various quests and missions, orientation competitions, climbing and many other common and unusual entertainment and games! We also have a “holiday” day when we usually go down to town and go to the confectionery and the cinema!

The program is suitable for kids between 8 and 12 years old. There are two weeks available: 21-28 of July and 4-11 of August 2018